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Architectural Drawing and Planning

An architectural drawing or architect's

drawing   is a  technical  drawing  of  a

building ( or building project ) that falls

within the definition of architecture.

Architectural  drawings  are  used  by

architects  and others for a number of

purposes: to develop a design idea into

a  coherent  proposal,  to communicate

ideas and concepts,  to convince clients

of the  merits  of  a  design,  to enable a

building contractor to  construct it, as a

record  of  the  completed  work, and to

make a record of a building that already


Ice Blue Properties Investment offers the total service; from an idea through to finished property.

We are a well-established Project Management in the Acquisition and Development of Real Estate, serving the domestic and commercial sectors across North Cyprus; recently we also established a building company to work alongside us offering customers the opportunity for a complete project package from design through to completed property.

With over 40 years of experience in architectural engineering and drawing prior to establishing construction over 15 years ago, we can offer a diversity of experience, knowledge and industry contacts well above most of our competitors; providing you with the simplest experience at the highest quality.

You can find more information about us and our services on the following pages, and don’t forget to check our Portfolio to see some recent work we’ve both planned and constructed!

We provide architectural drawing and building services to the whole of Kent, offering an all-in-one service run around package deals that can include everything from design to planning applications and completion of the construction work itself.

Our business depends on our reputation and we take great pride in offering an extremely high standard of work to private homeowners wanting a small extension to building contractors working on a large residential block.

Over the years we have enjoyed a great deal of repeat business and recommendations and with the opening of our new building services sister company we’re enjoying seeing entire projects through from A to Z; giving our clients the benefits of decades of experience with the simplicity of having only one person to deal with throughout the entire project.

Contact us today to see just how much easier the process can be with an experienced, committed and all-in-one service.

Ice Blue Investment 

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