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Preparing to rent your home

in North Cyprus

Preparing Your Home to be a Rental

The content should be used as a guide and modified as necessary.

Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at

your own risk. If you are having a difficult time selling your home or

other property, renting your property is an excellent way to make a

profit, and assure maintenance of the property. Here are some

thoughts to consider before you rent. This list will help you prioritize

your efforts when turning your home into a rental property.

Personal Property

Remove all of the stuff you have been storing in the property.

Generally, if personal property is in the home or on the grounds,

it is considered part of the lease and subject to tenants use. Think

about what you want or need to leave for tenants use. Clearing

out nonessential clutter will improve the appearance of the property

for advertising photos and will make it look better for showings.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Once all of your belonging are removed, begin the cleaning process.

You may need to hire professional carpet cleaners and a house

cleaning service to get the work done in a reasonable time. Dust

bunnies, dirty windows, and soiled carpeting will turn off most

responsible tenants and give you a reputation as a slumlord.

An immaculate home will give the most positive impression, attract

the best renters, provide the highest rent, and will be the easiest to

evaluate when the tenants move out.

Curb Appeal

Your property should be as attractive from the road as possible, and

minor inexpensive cosmetic touch-ups will enhance your property.

Clean out the weeds from the flowerbeds and fence line, trim the

grass, and wash the siding. Painting the entryway walls and oiling the

woodwork will add an attractive sparkle to your home and make it

appear new and bright.



Try to imagine looking at your home for the first time. Would you

want to live there? Are there curling shingles on the roof, broken

windows, leaking faucets, peeling wallpaper, or door locks that do

not work? Make sure that the appliances, heating and ventilation

systems, and plumbing fixtures check out and are clean.

Code Compliance

The easiest way to make sure your property is rent-ready is to hire

an independent licensed home inspector. The inspector should be

aware of your plans about making the home a rental property. He

will then assess all systems of the property to make sure they are

up to code. This assurance will be welcome news.


Landlord Insurance

Your rental property is an important investment and source of

income. If there were a kitchen fire or storm damages, your home

may become uninhabitable. Landlord insurance coverage helps

provide an income while the property is being repaired or rebuilt.

You can add policies or riders to pay for debris removal, tree and

plant replacement, and even fire department charges.


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