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Icon gold                               From £79,500

Selected Works

Enjoy the mood of villa in your apartment! Feel the comfort with Ikon Gold. There is garden options and terrace options.

Ikon Gold apartment, which consists of 4 houses, each with 2 floors and 3 bedrooms are within a walking distance to the city and the sea.

Enjoy the comfort of a villa in your apartment with its terraces and garden options. The lower floors have a garden area of 128m2 and a garden area of 75m2 and the upper floors have a 130m2 house area and a terrace area of 45m2.


  •  Pantry

  •  Electric Water Heater

  •  Solar Water Heating System

  •  Barbecue

  •  Parking

  •  Glass Railing

  •  High Gloss Kitchen

  •  Heater

  •  Fireplace

  •  Double Glass PVC / Aluminum Windows

  •  Natural Marble Windowsills

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